CONTACT: penfield5 (at) gmail.com

James has created original artwork or design for:

Vice Media LLC
Vice Magazine
MN Vikings LLC
Palladium Boots
Ricoh Electronics
The McNeely Foundation
The town of Wadena, MN (murals)
Crushkill Recordings
Abdo Publishing
Conveyor Magazine
The East Side Arts Council (MN)
Blick Art Materials
Hotel Indigo (El Paso, TX)
Hilton Hotels
Denver, CO Children’s Hospital

James is from St. Paul, MN and currently resides in Minneapolis. He grew up around a family of artists, photographers, designers and educators and has been creating artwork since he can remember. He’s represented by Gallery Mar, Park City, UT and has been exhibiting in juried shows since 2001. James has work on permanent display around the country, notably in the Denver Children’s Hospital as well as the new MN Vikings football stadium downtown Minneapolis, where he lives and works.

A review written by Victoria Kennedy, Fine Art Consultant, Gallery Mar, Park City, UT:

“The brevity and stillness of Penfield’s work often reminds me of moments in time. Brief moments that we try and remember – an image that we try and capture within our minds and memories. And yet here they are on a canvas.

The stripped down memory of a place, the feel of it in your senses – the simple beauty of colors and lines is what attracts me to Penfield’s work. It is a peacefulness that we rarely encounter in modern art. With Penfield, this chaos is stripped away, until we are left with suggestions and imitations of the form’s true essence.”



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