Select installed work

5 4×3′ paintings installed in US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis. Part of the MN Vikings permanent art collection. Working with CA based company Sports and the Arts.
60×40″ commission in Deer Valley, UT. Hanging in One Empire Pass., courtesy of Gallery Mar.
Install shots in Park City, UT, private residences, courtesy of Gallery Mar and Root’d Home. “Hunters,” and “Blue Light Blue Shadows,” (right side) both 48x44x1.5″



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Represented by:

Gallery Mar in Park City, UT

Horizon Fine Art in Jackson Hole, WY


Most of my work starts from a photo I’ve taken. My first job was developing film in a photo studio and I’ve been working with images ever since. I’ve been snowboarding and showing my artwork for about 20 years and over that time I started to photograph mountains through that perspective, and build a passion I can now communicate through my work. I love mountains more than anything but a day living in NYC can leave you with years of inspiration. Exploring mountains eventually turned into exploring cities around the US and the rest.. So I lived and worked as a designer in NYC for a few years and was a graphic design intern with Vice Media based in Brooklyn. I started out with 35mm and now shoot with a phone, so that’s drastically changed my process technically and has expanded and evolved it and continues to do so as technology advances. No matter what landscape I’m in though I believe in directly interacting with it to understand how to represent it. 


I read a lot of philosophy, sparked from a NDE when I was 16, and find myself aligning with phenomenology, Zen, quantum physics and related fields in terms of how reality can be viewed.. the universe exists due to the observer (you) And with that understanding comes a form of freedom. I think this statement by conservation biologist John Worthington-Hill describes my work well with the idea of “ultimate reality.” “In explaining this discord, it’s useful to remember the Buddha’s distinction between ‘conventional reality’ and ‘ultimate reality’. Conventional reality is the way things appear to be, giving rise to apparent structure and organisation in the world. Central to conventional reality is the sense of self. We tend to have strong ideas about our own identity, signified by things like family, nationality, religion, occupation, and possessions. Ultimate reality, however, transcends this sort of experience. It describes all things in terms of properties and conditions within an ever-changing universe rather than as independent objects. This perspective means for example that the synthesis of forces and conditions that we perceive as ‘a river’ remains recognisable in itself, and yet intrinsically it exists as an element of a much wider system. It can only be understood in terms of the forces of physics, the geology of the land, the life it supports, and the hydrological cycle. If the self is considered in the same way, how much substance is there in what I think of as ‘me’?”


With paint I like to think of energy as light as the source of color and color as the source of visual space, where it communicates dimension (recede/protrude) and structure to the viewer. Harnessing color is like building with light. So painting can act as a building of spatial memory that communicates something different than photography when observed. 


A lot of my work involves photography and paint, with the idea that the 2 mediums can alter and combine into each other to create alternative impressions based on the entirety of their potentials as mediums. Looking at it like a building up of structural compositional elements of space and moments in perceived time through the photo image’s capability. 

Other than working professionally as a fine artist with galleries and permanent intall sites with my work, I also have a “How to Draw” illustrated book series out, teaching the next generation how to draw step by step.



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Select Clients/CV


2011 – AAS Graphic Design – Parsons the New School of Design, New York, NY

2007 – BA Art History – Hamline University, St. Paul, MN

Select Clients

Vice Magazine / Vice Media LLC
MN Vikings LLC / US Bank Stadium
Denver, CO Children’s Hospital
Totally Gross National Product (record label)

Select Exhibitions

2018 – “Windows,” GX Gallery, London, England

2017 – ”Art of Engagement,” Touchstone Gallery, Washington D.C.

2016 – ”Art As Politics,” Touchstone Gallery, Washington D.C.

2014 – untitled, Will Call Gallery, St. Paul, MN

2013 – “Parsons Alumni Exhibition 2013,” Aronson Galleries, NYC

2013 – “Art For Life,” Abend Gallery, Denver, CO

2013 – “Bold New West,” Abend Gallery, Denver, CO

2011 – “Skate Related 2,” XYZ Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2011 – “Teenage Elixir,” Tarnish and Gold Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2009 – “Midwest Biennial,” David Hummer Gallery, Wausau, WI

2008 – “The Fall Collection,” 555 Studios, Minneapolis, MN

2008 – “Hot Off the Press,” Highpoint Center for Printmaking member show, Minneapolis, MN

2005 – “Drawing Conclusions,” Offbeat Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2000 – “Yo the Movement group show,” Calhoun Square gallery, Minneapolis, MN

Permanent Collections:

– U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN (MN Vikings permanent art collection)

– Children’s Hospital, Denver, CO

– One Empire Pass, Deer Valley, UT